# Comparison between SI Cutting Plotter, For Paper Printer, Model Type: 721 RS720C Vinyl Cutting Plotter Redsail 720
1 Brand SI Cutting Plotter Redsail Cutting Plotter
2 Model Number SI 721 RS720C
3 Blade Material Aluminium Stainless steel
4 Control System N/A Risc Micro- Controller
5 Interface Type USB USB
6 Cutting speed 800 mm 600 mm
7 Running Fuel Electricity Electricity
8 Size Variant Multiple Sizes available Multiple Sizes available
9 Frequency 50-60 Hertz 50-60 Hertz
10 Input Voltage 220-380 Volts 90-380 Volts
11 Body Material Mild Steel Mild Steel
12 Cutting Force 10-500 Grams 10-500 Grams
13 Interface Software HPGL HPGL
14 Resolution 720p 1000p
15 Working in dim light LED Display LCD Display
16 Driver/ Motor type Stepper Motor Stepper Motor
17 Error (+/-) 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
18 Multiple uses Printing and cutting Printing and cutting
19 Phase Type Single Phase Single Phase
20 Plotter Type Ink Jet Type Drum Type
21 Input Type LED Display LCD Display
22 Warranty 12 Months 12 Months
23 Number of Blades Single Blade Single Blade
24 Usage Paper Printer Paper Cutter and printer
25 Maintenance Low Cost of maintenance as less moving parts. High cost as the most common plotter and more moving parts.
26 Advantages Best Quality pictures, easy to use, fast, quitter, no warm up needed. Unlimited lengths, for long posters, and blue prints.
26 Disadvantages High cost to buy. And the cost of Ink used. Can only print limited width posters because of limited drum width.
26 Working Sprays drops of ink on paper. Drum rolls the paper and the pen draws.

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As you have seen a brief differentiation between both homo-type cutting plotters and if you still have a doubt so we can suggest you under the roof of difference SI is a good choose but if you are looking for more sheet count with modern feature like touch screen and porting etc, then you must go for SI. In last we suggest you to go with that plotter which suits you best according to your needs, budget and durability.

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