Skycut model A3max 2 is a homo-type printer that comes with a capacity of 1800 sheets per day with multi-interface ports and a sheet tray attached with it.


1. Highly reflective material variation which provides various colour materials and marks.
2. Multi-coloured LED Support which helps in working at night shift.
3. Automatic paper feeding intelligence up to 170pcs at a time.
4. 2000G Material-cutting force which can materials easily.
5. 1300-1800 Sheet cutting capacity.


Product SKYCUT A3 Max 2
Max Media Width 330mm
Max Cutting Width 330mm
Max Feeding Quantity upto 100PCS
Cutting Precision 0.01mm
Repeat Precision 0.082mm
Max Moving Speed 700mm/s
Max Cutting Speed 600mm/s
Max force 1000g
Connector Interface U-disk/WIFI/USB Cable
Power  < 100W 
Working environment  +5°C - +35°C
Packing Size 730*330*330mm
Packing Gross Weight appx 28kg