# Comparison between SKYCUT V24 Graphtec CE7000
1 Cutting Force V24 comes up with 2000G of cutting force Graphtec has 450gf of cutting force
2 Multi-ports Gives you USB, CD driver and WiFi facility Gives you the use of USB and flash card only
3 Touch screen / Analog functioning facility V24 comes with Touch-screen facility Graphtec comes in analog functioning
4 Night vision lighting V24 support you multi-LED lighting for better night vision. Graphtec has no specific lighting for working in night.
5 Cutting tools 3M diamond reflective cutting function CE7000 has no specific cutting tools

Additional information that work for you

As you have seen a brief differentiation between both homo-type cutting plotters and if you still have a doubt so we can suggest you under the roof of difference SKYCUT V24 will be more suitable for you in almost all terms whether it comes to Sheet feeding or night vision, Graphtec is also a good choose but if you are looking for more sheet count with modern feature like touch screen and porting etc, then you must go for V24. In last we suggest you to go with that plotter which suits you best according to your needs, budget and durability.

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